Operation: Pigeon Rescue!

Last week at Vonderland, we had a pretty traumatic ordeal.

Jessica found an injured pigeon on her lunch break. At first, the pigeon just looked dizzy. Soon after, it could not walk, and began to behave as if it was having muscle spasms or seizures. She came back to Vonderland, got a paper box, and set out to help the bird. While she was out, Patrick luckily found the phone number of a local volunteer who works in wildlife rehabilitation with Wildlife Care Of SoCal, and he was available to take the bird in promptly.

Waiting for Jessica to return from delivering the bird to the vet was like waiting outside of the operating room. James, the veterinarian, informed her that the pigeon had been poisoned as he flushed its system.

Everybody involved strived to do anything they could to help this pigeon live.
However, it is with hurt and heavy hearts that we report he didn’t make it.


We’re sad to learn that a local business would use this cruel poison when other options are available. Pest control companies often put out pigeon poison, whose brand name is Avitrol, to decrease or rid the pigeon population around urban areas. Not only is this an ineffective way to resolve the problem, the poison causes birds and other animals to suffer immensely. We witnessed this first hand! Here is an article that goes into greater detail on the effects and repercussions of the poison.

On the brighter side, through this unfortunate event Vonderland has found a cause and organization that we support. Wildlife Care of SoCal helped so much by taking this pigeon in and caring for it without a second thought.  They also took the time to educate us, illustrating how pigeon and rat poisons effect our local wildlife and pets. This non-profit organization is local and volunteer based, and is made possible through supporters with a passion for animals and cruelty-free solutions. There are so many ways to get involved, from monetary donations to supplies to giving your time… Anything helps! Find more information here.